Top 3 Best Upcoming Cryptocurrencies

In this video we are going to be taking a look at some of the top 3 best upcoming cryptocurrencies.

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Enjinstarter -
Unvest -
Solbank -

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2:19 Unvest
3:49 Solbank

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Coming in first at number three on our list, we have Enjinstarter:

efinity launched by Enjin, is an NFT blockchain built on Polkadot, which aims to make the increasingly popular NFT marketplace accessible and scalable for its users. Enjin is developing an interconnected cross-chain market which allows users to seamlessly receive and send NFTs from any blockchain. Enjin pioneered the development of NFT platforms in 2017 when they created the advanced ERC-1155 NFT standard. Enjin was launched after an $18.9 million private sale. Designed to provide a seamless experience for the end-user, a special algorithm was set in place to enable the game-channel network to process transactions every six seconds, and it can scale up to 1,000 transactions per second. Enjinstarter Is a Launchpad focused on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses whose aim is to build a thriving ecosystem for Blockchain Gaming and to introduce new ways for the community to earn crypto in a fun and engaging manner.

At number two on our list we have Unvest:

Trade Cardano locked tokens through Unvest. Cardano is a decentralized blockchain platform launched in 2017. Its self-described mission is to become a more environmentally sustainable and scalable blockchain network, in part by relying less on energy-consuming cryptocurrency miners. One platform focusing on Cardano is Unvest - a multi-chain protocol that started by proving their economic model on Ethereum, and are now planning and peer-reviewing a deployment to Cardano. Unvest is the open multi-chain DeFi protocol for trading locked tokens. Free, fully customizable Vesting and Distribution for project owners. The arrival of smart contracts on Cardano represents a major technical milestone. Unvest has two core products that allow Cardano focused teams to execute optimal token offerings.

Coming in at number one on our list of some of the top 3 best upcoming cryptocurrencies, we have Solbank:

Solbank protects your privacy by using a kind of 'collective piggy bank' where users deposit equal amounts of SOL into a given piggy bank. When a user is ready to spend their money, they can withdraw any one of the equal deposits from other users. This way, the output transactions cannot be linked to any specific input transaction. By using smart contracts and zkSnark technology, they confidently ensure the links between transactions are effectively broken.
Anyone can easily install SolBank and start reaping the privacy benefits in no time at all. Besides the smart contract functionality, SolBank wallet offers a higher level of privacy due to Tor integration.

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