Top 3 Best Cryptocurrencies of The Week

In this video we are going to be taking a look at some of the top 3 best Cryptocurrencies of the week this week.

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Cardax -
Monsters Clan -
Starlaunch -

0:37 Cardax
3:37 Monsters Clan
4:19 Starlaunch

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Coming in first at number three on our list, is Cardax:

Cardax is a decentralized exchange from the Netherlands that allows users to trade ADA for any Cardano Native Token. Aimed at strengthening the Cardano cryptocurrency ecosystem and powered by the EAMM protocol, Cardax is an essential and powerful trading venue in the Cardano ecosystem, providing liquidity to projects that issue native tokens. The platform will be open and accessible to all - Anyone can become a liquidity provider and start earning CDX tokens. Cardax raised a seed round for $1.5 million during a first community token sale and used the funding to support the startup’s goal of creating the platform which will be launched in September 2021. After the successful community sale, Cardax DEX now plans to do a public token sale by mid August 2021. There is one major difference between Cardax and other decentralized exchanges: DEXs are typically dependent on order books or AMMs to provide market pricing. Cardax is powered by the EAMM protocol, that aims to provide liquidity to projects that issue native tokens on Cardano.

At number two on our list, is Monsters Clan:

Monsters Clan is the first-ever third-person NFT game based on Blockchain. It is a virtual monsters game based on the lifestyle of Monsters in their own World on Blockchain. Monsters Clan will have its own NFT marketplace where players can trade, train and fight their monsters in different battles to grow and earn. Unlike many play-to-earn NFT games, Monsters Clan gives players the freedom to fight or trade their own monsters as per their game strategy. Monsters Clan will be available for PC (Windows/macOS), iOS, and Android. The Alpha release date will be December 15th, 2021. That day, you will be able to play the game from its website. Monsters Clan has a BEP-20 token called $MONS. $MONS is a digital native currency of Monsters Clan that will be used for in-game purchases and different activities. $MONS is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. $MONS will be listed on PancakeSwap on September 15th, but before that, the token generation event will be held on three launchpads: Seedify, Pro Starter, and Redkite. Built on Blockchain makes it a more reliable and transparent game to play

Coming in at number one on our list of some of the top 3 best cryptocurrencies of the week, we have Starlaunch:

StarLaunch brought to you by the creators of CardStarter, is the first insured project accelerator and launchpad for the Solana network.
Launchpads in crypto are platforms that provide investors with access to other new crypto projects at an early stage. They are attractive because as an investor you gain access to early-stage investments and can buy into much smaller valuations and sell into much higher valuations once a token launches for public trading. With the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of StarLaunch opening for registration on October the first 2021, this crypto is expected to provide its community with a risk-free investment.
StarLaunch uses its platform-generated revenue to provide an insurance policy so that initial DEX offering participants are protected for up to 100% of their contribution amount at no cost.
The launchpad sector has seen tremendous growth in the crypto industry through 2021. There are over 30 launchpads today and the market cap of the launchpad sector is approximately $2 billion today, with plenty more room for growth.

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