Starlaunch: Upcoming 600 x Solana launchpad by Cardstarter!

In this video we are going to be taking a look at Starlaunch.

everything you need to know about one of the most hyped coin launches of the year and how to get in early in the STARLAUNCH ido.

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Read our video description:

Starlaunch is a new 600x crypto coin launching soon.

brought to you by the creators of CardStarter, is the first insured project accelerator and launchpad for the Solana network.
Launchpads in crypto are platforms that provide investors with access to other new crypto projects at an early stage. They are attractive because as an investor you gain access to early-stage investments and can buy into much smaller valuations and sell into much higher valuations once a token launches for public trading.

Sometimes life-changing money can be earned on just one of these trades given they can return 100x your initial investment.
With the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of StarLaunch opening for registration on October the first 2021, this cryto is expected to provide its community with a risk-free investment.
StarLaunch uses its platform-generated revenue to provide an insurance policy so that initial DEX offering participants are protected for up to 100% of their contribution amount at no cost.

The launchpad sector has seen tremendous growth in the crypto industry through 2021. There are over 30 launchpads today and the market cap of the launchpad sector is approximately $2 billion today, with plenty more room for growth.

Here are our top 6 reasons to buy:

Investors will be connected with projects that are trusted and thoroughly vetted by a combination of the core CardStarter team and extended StarLaunch-focused team.

To date, projects incubated through CardStarter enjoyed an average return on investment of over 12,000%.

Uses the Solana layer 1 platform - the team believes that layer-two platforms are not viable long-term solutions.

Predictable transaction fees without extreme fluctuations throughout the day.

Affordable fee system (less than $0.01) for both developers, and users.

Fast transaction times, with 400 milisecond block times --the more people use it, the faster it gets.

What’s the downside?

In a rising crypto market, early-stage investments return huge magnitudes of their initial investments. However, when the market falls, there is little demand for new tokens upon launch, leading to possible negative returns for early token holders.
However, with the CardStarter team behind this investment Starlaunch is poised to be a leading player within the Solana ecosystem.

Find out more and watch out for the October 1st registration at

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