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In this video, we will be going through an overview of Naga.

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📢 Trading products
📢 Account types
📢 Trading platforms
📢Opening an account
📢 Educational resources
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0:28 Overview & Regulation
1:12 Leverage
1:42 Account type
2:10 Trading products
3:45 Social trading
3:55 Payment methods
4:05 Trading platforms
5:40 Opening an account
6:20 Educational resources
6:37 Copy Trading with NAGA
7:22 Additional Education
8:08 Social Trading Platform
8:28 Conclusion

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NAGA is a trademark of The NAGA Group AG, a German-based FinTech company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
The NAGA group is a fully regulated and transparent firm that is not only a publicly listed company but a broker authorized by a CySEC in Cyprus and a technology company operating in Germany.

While trading with NAGA you may access flexible leverage that allows you to control and manage risks better and according to your trading style. Since NAGA is a European broker, the company offering fully complies with ESMA restrictions, therefore, falls under recent updated to use lower leverage levels. The maximum leverage available for retail traders is 1:30, while professionals may access higher ratios once the professional status is confirmed.

NAGA has only one account. Traders get access to a digital asset exchange, your own cryptocurrency wallet and NAGA’s native cryptocurrency (NGC). All you must do is simply sign up and equip yourself with a single, all-in-one NAGA account.

With NAGA traders can trade in Forex, Real Stocks, Indices, Stock CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds and Futures. Most of them with ultra-low fees.

Forex has a fast order execution time and over 500 instruments on the platform. Real Stocks traders can invest with no commissions. It has fast order execution time, over 400 real stocks to invest in with zero commissions and no hidden fees.

Buy, store, sell and trade major cryptocurrencies, all in one solution. NAGA provides a digital wallet to store cryptos on a proprietary crypto-exchange platform with 10+ of the most popular cryptos. Trade and benefit in commodities like coffee, wheat, natural gas, crude oil, and numerous other global commodities. Fast order execution time with investment opportunity for portfolio diversification. You can trade CFDs on the world’s top Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) on a trusted and reliable platform and discover other 500+ trading instruments on offer. Fast order execution time on over 500 instruments on the platform.

NAGA offers low spreads for all traders despite trading account size, so any investor will get better trading conditions. Typical spread for EUR/USD is 1.2 pips, which is considered a good spread among industry offering. As for other instruments, there could be commission charges for some assets which you will find directly from the platform. While using social trading all costs and spread of the profit between master account and copy account will be calculated automatically.

Naga supports all major cards, cryptocurrencies and alternative payment methods like e-wallets.

NAGA offer either MetaTrader4, its newer version MetaTrader5 or use the proprietary software NAGA Web platform together with its applications. While MT4 and MT5 do not require any introduction due to its world popularity and proved powerful capabilities it remains at your decision to use it either manual or automatic strategies. NAGA trading platform brings you additional capabilities and a truly great balance between a friendly interface and its sophisticated solutions. NAGA enables trading and investing in multiple markets all over the world from any device or platform you prefer.

NAGA for iOS and Android
Download NAGA’s free app for your iPhone or iPad or your Android device from the App Store and trade on the go.
Trade anywhere, anytime with a full-featured NAGA mobile app for iOS. Buy and sell any instrument, Auto Copy top investors, chat on NAGA Messenger, all from a single app.

Overall, NAGA shows a company that stands on strong technology and development of trading innovation. In trading with NAGA, you will find vast investment opportunities whether you are a beginner or professional who seeks progressive trading options accompanied by good trading conditions and costs.

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